It’s About EVOLUTION – Everything evolves or dies

It's About EVOLUTION - Everything evolves or dies Evolutionary Process as it applies to the Consumer by starting with your Family Evolution of the Real Estate Consumer Evolutionary Process as it applies to the Real Estate Business You can predict the future by watching the evolutionary process of Dependence/Independence/Interdependency. Rossi Tells Real [...]

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AdWerx an Efficacious Way To Spend Marketing Dollar$

ROSSI Speaks his mind...AdWerx an Efficacious Way To Spend Marketing Dollar$ With over 46 year real estate experience - I believe AdWerx is a superior place to spend your marketing dollars. Keeping YOU TOP OF CONSUMERS' MINDS in  your specifically targeted market. AdWerx is NOT a lead generation company - it's an Agent Marketing Company Why [...]

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ROSSI’s Whiteboard (example)

Call Rossi Today if you're interested in hiring him for a Keynote or Presentation for your Company, Association, or Board, and he is also available for one-on-one mentoring. Or perhaps you would just like him to do a marketing piece for you. 919-931-2222 or ALL THE BELOW ARE VIDEOS Flagler County Association of REALTORS Convention [...]

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Video Review of Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa

Just wanted to thank Rossi Speaks for the great message he brought as the keynote speaker during the Short Sale Symposium at Sea. Had a really good time getting to know him a bit and really enjoyed his book "Dog Eat Dog and Vice Versa." If your interested in a copy check out his website

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