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Every Company, Board, Association, Church, Charitable Organization & Tech Startup Are Looking For The Same Person


I am honored to be standing on the shoulders of Winners! Winners because you are the leaders & executives of the LARGEST Trade Organization in the US  who live & abide by a Code of Ethics! ETHICS that are now challenged by Technology, which has no Ethics.

We understand Change, as Change is the only thing in life that’s constant.     But YOU ain’t seen nothing yet!

According to Ginni Rometty, Chairman, CEO of IBM, “Never before in our history have we been confronted with change on Three Fronts Simultaneously!  

1) Security

2) Cloud Computing


Charlie Rose interviews Ginni Rometty – April 16th 2015

Ginni Rometty

She further states that, “Artificial Intelligence is a part of Cognitive Computing.” Cognitive Computing is Non-Programmed computing that learns on its own.        AKA ‘IBM’s Watson’

Gerd 01

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist says, TedEx Brussels December 2014 “The new arms race is about Data & Artificial Intelligence.” AI

Gerd 02

Now we have Change on 5 FRONTS!

1) Security

2) Cloud Computing


4) Ethical Technology

5) Artificial Intelligence

Bx Whiners

One who talks, complains, and whines about ‘IT’, whatever ‘IT’ is, but will do nothing about ‘IT’. They love to talk about what’s wrong but will do nothing to further a solution. Also blames everyone else.   And ‘IT HAPPENS’!

Chatty Cathy Story








By Michael Vance


Bx WienersOne who has an excuse for everything, as if they have no responsibility. If they can’t come up with a quick excuse, they habitually blame others. And again, ‘IT HAPPENS’.



So You Think You Can Dance


With 70% of our licensed associates making less than $1,000/month, our Boards, Associations, & Offices are full of Whiners & Wieners, many with a strong desire to be noticed & become involved.     AKA Volunteers.

Accepting them is not a request of LEADERSHIP, it’s a PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY

All Winners 2

How to work with Whiners & Wieners? 

Be kind, listen, & give. Treat everyone as having a sign that reads “Please Make Me Feel Important.”

Model The Behavior You Want!

Strive for Excellence!

Listen more, talk less.

HOW TO BE AN OUTSTANDING LISTENER 3.5 minute video to share

Bx Winners




Purpose is a higher logical level than a goal. A goal is a desired specific outcome, achievement, or desire. For some, purpose is simply a ‘passion for work’ that goes beyond money & status.


per Vala Afshar


Congruent – You are who you are. No pretense, not attempting to be someone else. Recently, I Spoke in the Netherlands to the Dutch Sales Management Association. I learned much from the Dutch & found them to be a non-judgmental society. Being authentic is as important to them as seeking authenticity in others.

         Authentic just like here in DC…  Oh wait, think about our political campaign process for a second. Candidates don’t campaign on what they’ll do, they talk about what their opponents won’t do or how they did everything wrong in the past. Can you imagine REALTORS saying, “Those folks at ROSSI REALTY Suck! Let me tell you how they treat their clients like dirt.”

Have you read The Code of Conduct – US House of Representatives? Neither have they… kidding.

This Code of Conduct is enforced by the House Ethics Committee

– but they don’t have a code of ethics.


Again, WE REALTORS live & abide by a Code of Ethics! Caution, Gerd Leonhard warns us, “The power of our technology has already surpassed the scope of our ethics.”

Emotional Intelligence

                            What Is Emotional Intelligence?

It’s the ability to identify & manage your own emotions & the emotions of others. Simplified, it includes three skills:

1) Emotional awareness, yours & others;

2) Harness emotions & apply them to the task;

3) Manage emotions, your own & others, the ability to cheer up or calm down.

Brain Neuroscience

Is it also Empathy? Yes, but too many confuse Empathy with Sympathy. Here’s my blog post & video defining the difference.


Binary Sort 1/0                It’s Just 2 Things!

Your water-based, center sequential, digital computer called the brain, using a binary sort, processes @ 8,100 bits per nanosecond with the 900 Billion Neurons in your body. All simultaneous on a Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Gustatory, Olfactory, Conscious, Subconscious, & Unconscious level.


Decisive people understand you cannot multitask. If not, what is it we do?



Are you a good decision maker? Here’s a Mind Tool Test that scores your ability.

 Final Trait of Winners – Leaders


12 Important Things You Should Have Learned From Mad Men (Especially the Series Finale)
The show wraps with loves, lessons, and a fittingly cynical ending.


ROSSI, Edutainer





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