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One of the biggest mistakes people make is separating Work and Family Goals for the following four reasons: 

First: GUILT Implication.  

“Better spend some quality time with your Family.” You see, every time I want to spend quality time with my family, they are not necessarily in a “quality mood.” Funny yes, but true. You don’t need quality time with your family, you need quantity time. With that comes bursts of quality. 

Second: You don’t need a third job. 

When you divide work and family, you create a third job. One is actually in the middle of work and family, juggling all the many parts and people. Picture the old stage act of the plate spinner. Remember, s/he gets one plate spinning on a long pole, which blows me away by itself. Then they start another plate and pole, and another plate and pole. One in each hand and one on their head, then one on the foot as they balance another on one leg.  

Seriously, to me, that’s what many real estate agents look, act, and sound like, Plate Spinners. Plate Spinner is a fulltime job leaving you no time for work or family. 

Third: There is no such thing as Perfection. 

If you don’t believe this, then I know you are exhausted! You are spending your life attempting, working, trying, and failing to achieve perfection. I understand how many personalities need to strive for perfection. However, once you accept it does not exist, life becomes so much easier.  

Fourth: BALANCE is an illusion. 

Balance is an illusion as it only takes place in brief seconds of now, as perfection does not exist. 



Using the definition of Success from my mentor Michael Vance: “Success is the building and maintaining of Spiritual, Physical, Philosophical, Psychological, & Financial Goals.”

Do not separate Goals by work and family. They must be together as one to achieve success.   


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