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Introduction to ROSSI

Training Salespeople is Personal

The “Authentic Self” is the root basis of my ‘sales teachings’ from my over 55 year sales career and my zealous search for the truth in this great profession. It starts with ‘Self’ because, of product or company, you always sell three things, and in this order.



         Product or Service

If you’re not sold on your Company/Product or Service, then no one will buy either.

Example: I sell Fords but only drive Chevys.

If you’re not sold on Self, then no one will buy you.

Example: “Hi, this is Rossi with ABC. If you have time, don’t let me interrupt, I want to tell you about…”

Being sold on self is a complex problem, one that is the foundation of all that I present. It goes far beyond self-confidence, self-esteem, actually beyond much of what has been taught for centuries. There are a few that cannot learn this but those that do thrive beyond even their expectations.

In this video, I speak about the authentic self, a good example of what I refer to as being sold on self.

Self-Esteem Video>

Another key point of selling is “Listening Skills”. Contrary to popular belief, this skill is not taught in schools. Actually, as I point out in class, the exact opposite is taught. I dispel this myth in this video.

Listening Skills Video>

“Change is the only constant thing in life,” I quote Greek philosopher Heraclitus. This being so, all is evolving and so must sales. In my sales classes, I overlay the evolutionary process demonstrated here in a real estate sales video.

Evolutionary Process Video>

Here’s an additional piece relating to the evolution of the real estate consumer.

Real Consumers Evolution Video>

Last, here is a video containing a list of some of my past clients.

What can Rossi Do for You? Video>

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