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Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) – Motivating Speaker – Key Note – Humorist – Thought Artist – Bon Vivant – Course Creator – Augmentor – Salesman – Author – REALTOR & Peripheral Visionary  

ROSSI  Has been a REALTOR for 47 years and has taught real estate in every state in the US, Singapore, Prague, Belize, and Netherlands. He works in North Raleigh with his wife of 40 years ‘The Bishop’ and they love helping Buyers & Sellers in Raleigh, NC

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Super Zuppa

May 25th, 2023|

New Item on the Rossi Menu Italian Chicken Soup or  Super Zuppa di Pollo        SUPER ZUPPA 1 Whole Chicken 1 Tall Can Grapefruit IPA 6 Mini Peppers  1 Tomato 2 Whole Onions

2 Things Change & Choice Equal…

January 21st, 2023|

Teaching and modeling the value of  Self-Love for the 40 years. I believe that if you don't love you, you cannot expect others to love you, as you cannot ask someone to do what you

Iron I’ve Owned

May 22nd, 2022|

These photo's are not of cars I've owned only represent cars I've owned. In 1956 (I was 13) my dad bought a wrecked 1954 Star Chief Catalina Custom, Straight 8, Hydromatic Transmission, leather interior. It

Green Chile Chicken Pot Pie

September 1st, 2021|

1 Pre baked bottom pie crust in deep dish 1 Sheet of Puff Pastry Filling 3 cups          Shredded Cooked Chicken          I always boil and bone my chicken

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