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Reimagination of Real Estate Brokerage

Reimagination of Real Estate Brokerage

I’m not an end of Real Estate Brokerage “Debbie Downer”, but We Realtors better be reimagining how we do business because everyone else is!

The End of Work As We Know It

Here’s a little video from Loop AI Labs Cognitive Computing to stir your senses.

Man Has Entered the New Era of Imagination

REALTORS, Imagine what your job will be like in 2022


Uber found that a great number of its drivers also held real estate licenses. So they thought what a better fit! Realtors drive people around and make 6%, so why not team up with Zillow, become a Broker in every state, and let our drivers and the company increase earnings. (I first introduced this at the Michigan REALTORS Convention 10/06/16 Big Data & Real Estate)

How quickly will Uber be autonomous?

Soon, when we are totally autonomous, a suspect buyer will find houses they want to see on Zillow. At a keystroke, an Uber car will pick them up and take them to one, or many houses, selected. The owner will show the house or they (buyers) can enter with a registration code. After all, they’ll be on video and we’ll know everything about them, including financial qualifications.

While driving to the property, they enter information to financially qualify with our preferred lender. If they decide to purchase the home, an on screen broker will appear to construct the offer, collect their electronic signatures, submit the offer for acceptance, send it to all appropriate devices, and deliver flowers of thanks before the next sun rises.

If they need to sell their home, we’ll buy it on the spot and deposit monies in their account.

A self-driving pod will be arrive at their current residence for self-loading or our crew will load it for them.

Lastly, we’ll close with our title company. All charges will be on the closing statement, including pods of course.

One Stop Shop that REALTORS have been imagining for years… Done.

Hell, we may create autonomous Weddings and yes, why not Hearses.

Whatever REALTORS’ jobs will be in 2022, I’m sure it’s going to be different. I will not even pretend to tell you what I think it’s going to be. I will, however, tell you, I’m imagining it!

As whatever can be digitized will be digitized and whatever cannot be digitized will be – EXTREMELY VALUABLE!

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