I’ve Gotta Guy

Why is knowing ‘A Guy’ so important. I believe it’s because we’ve become numb to ‘marketing hype’. You know, that made up information extoling the virtues of a product, person, or service that we are bombarded with 24/7!

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AdWerx an Efficacious Way To Spend Marketing Dollar$

ROSSI Speaks his mind...AdWerx an Efficacious Way To Spend Marketing Dollar$ With over 46 year real estate experience - I believe AdWerx is a superior place to spend your marketing dollars. Keeping YOU TOP OF CONSUMERS' MINDS in  your specifically targeted market. AdWerx is NOT a lead generation company - it's an Agent Marketing Company Why [...]

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ROSSI’s Whiteboard (example)

Call Rossi Today if you're interested in hiring him for a Keynote or Presentation for your Company, Association, or Board, and he is also available for one-on-one mentoring. Or perhaps you would just like him to do a marketing piece for you. 919-931-2222 or Rossi@RossiSpeaks.com ALL THE BELOW ARE VIDEOS Flagler County Association of REALTORS Convention [...]

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Video Review of Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa

Just wanted to thank Rossi Speaks for the great message he brought as the keynote speaker during the Short Sale Symposium at Sea. Had a really good time getting to know him a bit and really enjoyed his book "Dog Eat Dog and Vice Versa." If your interested in a copy check out his website http://www.rossispeaks.com/dogeatdog

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Tree Cutter vs. Certified Arborist

Tree Cutter vs. Certified Arborist We were worried about two huge oaks in our front yard for a couple of years. They were too close to the house and the limbs were now touching the roof thus creating a super highway for bugs, plus, possible wind and root damage. Sadly, the only solution seemed to [...]

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