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ROSSI – The only One-Name Edutainer on the speaking circuit today has delivered over 3,000 presentations from Kodiak to Belize, Prague to Singapore. Accepting that “Einstein is the norm of human intelligence,” he has empowered thousands to combine business and life goals – build loving, lasting relationships, and become happy and focused.

ROSSI – Author, Motivator, Intuitionist, Thought Artist, Humorist, Bon Vivant, Mentor, and NLP Master Practitioner opens the minds and eyes of companies, teams, and individuals empowering them with the joy of positive action.

As Ellen Fahr of Prudential Americana in Las Vegas, NV says, “The ‘EDUTAINER’ is greater than he even knows – he makes a difference in every life he touches! Each minute spent with him is a learning and loving experience!”

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