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Dr. Hey – Hey Clinic for Scoliosis & Spinal Care

If you are having back problems, I would like to give you my opinion. Recommended to me by a man who works in the OR. He said, “I’ve never observed a more conscientious, competent, or fastidious surgeon in my 20 year experience in the OR than Dr. Hey.”

So with our daughter having had a major scoliosis operation in the 80’s and now her daughter of 12 showing signs, we went to Dr. Hey. From the time we entered his office and were greeted by his staff, we knew we had made the right decision.

Back to the memory and our daughter, day two in the ICU, she walked out wheeling her IV. But healing was long and painful, and to this day she still suffers.

Our granddaughter, walked stairs on day 3 as I cried. Dr. Hey is Blessed. Next it was my turn, lower back surgery. Two days before Christmas 3 years ago, I went in for surgery with Dr. Hey. Christmas Eve Day I walked out feeling better than I had in 2 years. Again Bravo.

People from all over the globe come to Dr. Hey, not just for his healing artistry, but his staff, systems, speed, and God-like loving care.

If you have back problems, hear of others with spinal problems, say, “Hey, I got a recommendation!”

Thank you Dr. Hey and your lovingly efficient staff.

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