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    I give Emerg_NC 5 Stars –

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Here’s why.

First of all, I teach service Internationally, and if you think I’m tough to please, you haven’t met my wife. She’s an absolute neat-nick. Plus, we are both anal-retentive.

So when we came home to 3 hours of continuous hot water flowing from our master bath into bedrooms, baths, hall, and living room resulting in 60% of our hardwood, tile, and carpeted floors ruined, we were in a panic, shocked, and totally horrified. It was 6:00 on a Saturday evening when I called Emerg_NC based on their online recommendations. I was told they would be here in 2 hours to start mitigation.

As promised, they showed up at 8:00 totally taking over and telling us it would all be okay. I asked Charles Walker, mitigation superintendent for Emerg_NC, how long it would take to finish the job. He said, “Two to three months depending on everything going as scheduled.” Wow, harsh reality, but true. I totally believe in under promise over deliver.

Everything that could ‘go wrong’ during this stage did. But, Charles was there to listen to our frustration at any time day or night. Never once did Emerg_NC, or its employees, placate us. And if they said they would be here at 8:00, they were here, or call with plenty of time to schedule our day.

After mitigation came reconstruction and a new supervisor, Josh Hooks. Again, like Charles, a real upfront, no bull guy with an infectious smile and a great work ethic!

I teach that there is no such thing as perfection, and it proved itself in the reconstruction stage. Water supply lines burst while reinstalling sinks, carpet delivered in the wrong size, cleaning crew accidently spilled bleach on newly installed carpet, and a myriad of little things that drive a homeowner nuts. Such is life.

Emerg_NC was there. They told the truth, on time, masterful work, excellent pricing, and worked extremely well with our insurance company, ERIE.

I highly recommend Emerg_NC and easily give them 5 Stars!


Raleigh, NC

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