Get Off Your ASSpirations – Practice Lead Generation Activities

Get Off Your ASSpirations - Practice Lead Generation Activities EVERYTHING YOU'LL NEED TO CREATE A FOOLPROOF LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM! FIRST WATCH THESE SHORT VIDEOS CREATING THE POWER OF NON-SELLING  WHY WHY II 1.         Have and Use Contact a Database System Tactics Create Three Categories of Contacts A – Want to buy or sell now B – Want to [...]

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2 Word Solution to the Prospecting Dilemma

2 Word Solution to the Prospecting Dilemma Prospecting, the bane of agents old and new; “I should be, I need to, I’ve got to, I have to”, never “I want to” are the words I hear whenever the subject matter is brought up. Prospecting conjures up visions of knocking doors and sweating hours on the [...]

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Empathy vs. Sympathy Empathy vs. Sympathy Empathy - To Feel, See, and Hear as Others Feel, See and Hear. One can have 0% Empathy or 100% Empathy but you cannot exceed 100%. When you do, you fall into Sympathy. Sympathy - to Feel, See, and Hear FOR Others. When you do, you take away their right to [...]

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Kudos to the WPAR

Kudos to the WPAR for an outstanding Members’ Appreciation Day - not only did they fill the room with 450 people - they filled it with interested and interesting people. My topic was How To Get Up In a Down Market! I had no idea the title would create such controversy. Before the event, I [...]

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Short Sale Symposium at Sea Short Sale Symposium at Sea ROSSI - KEY NOTE SPEAKER The Short Sale Symposium at Sea is a Networking Event like no other before it. This "Cruise Conference" is a chance to meet, greet and mingle with some of the Real Estate Industry's current top Agents, Asset managers, Trainers and Short Sale Specialists from all over [...]

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Global Local

Brain – operates at 8,100 bits per nanosecond with the 90 billion neurons in your being, visually, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory, and olfactory, simultaneously on a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level.

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Things Just Don’t Gotta Get Better – YOU DO!

     How Did The Consumer Find You? Is there any doubt about Newspapers – Yellow Pages (managers recruit yellow pages salesmen – they are already trained), and other forms of Passive Advertising? However, how will their Friends, Neighbors, and Relatives know if you don’t stay in touch? Back to Basics – C C C [...]

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