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Creating the Compelling Consumer Experience

Creating the Compelling Consumer Experience

This is a brief history of my sales career –

Over 50 years of fails, triumphs, and incredible

growth in knowledge.

Keep Smiling


Review –

“I finally got a chance to watch the whiteboard and my response is BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! The visuals were only out done by the beautiful, eloquent, thoughtful dialogue that you have created over many years. Way to go my friend. If I was asked to think of another word to describe your labor of love it would…efficacious.”  – Kyle Nuckolls, Emmy Award Winning Videographer 

“Watched the white board 6 min Power or Non-Selling. In 6 mins I pull in more info from you as opposed to an hour from others not as well read. I sit here and think Rossi stays on the edge of all information coming moreover Rossi knows how to apply the learning to daily living. Patrick Crawford, Real Estate, Broker Raleigh North Carolina 

Slide27.RossiSpeaksThe GREATEST way to LEARN is to use all FIVE SENSES! I wish that I could include taste and smell in white board learning experience – soon technology might make it available.

However, in this video I’ll move you in a way that you not only hear my words but you see them created before you. I have a goal to take much of the best up-to-date information, knowledge, and thoughts and gift them to you so you may improve your life as they have improved mine.

This was my first white board experience and it was a HUGE learning curve. This 6 + minute video took me 7 days, approximately 38.5 hours to create. I know that’s a lot of time. But I never do things in a small way.

First Scribe Published

I first had to learn this fantastic software from Sparkol. Next, write the script. I then began the drawings to match the script. I know there is no such thing as perfect and I do not strive for perfection. Instead, I strive for excellence.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you want more of the White Board Lessons from ROSSI Speaks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls – This is Where Education is Going to Be! It was Wayne Gretzky who said the following.

To Start Your Compelling Real Estate Consumer Experience


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  1. Jerry,
    That was fantastic! As for the additional senses, I wouldn’t worry; not only could I see it and hear it, I empathized with it, I experienced it, and I felt it! And the script was great too.
    You are the Man!
    Your fan,

  2. Gerry, this is terrific! I loved watching it evolve, and wish you well with your new class. Keep me posted.

  3. Thanks Susan, please pass it on – Keep Smiling Rossi

  4. Thanks George, please share it with others

  5. BRAVO JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!! As you know, on a personal note, you nailed me exactly with the stereotypical title “salesman.” Particularly after moving to
    Cali-phony, where the blue suede shoes, golden throated, silver tongued con-folks are evolved from.
    This is great! And so true today with the information age.
    The doughnuts were Spudnuts weren’t they? Ah the memories of you and Olivetti and the transition to real estate are as though it happened yesterday. Great job my friend. Hi to Bishop,

  6. Excellent info!

  7. Hey Rossi, what an entertaining / thought provoking presentation. The idea to ‘invite’ as opposed to ‘sell’ your potential buyer reminds me again about something you said years ago…learn to shut up…diffiult for us in sales…they’ll tell you everything you need to know. zz

  8. You and Edward R Marrow were there through all of it. MMMMM Spudnuts! I saw a Royal Portable typewriter sell for $150 the other day as an antique! Crap we’re old! And remember where I sold 147 Editor II’s to APS for a typing lab at Eldorado High School? I thought Bill Manfredi of IBM was going to cut his throat!

    About a year ago the National Sales Manager, back then, Andre Baldanzo called and came by for dinner. Very cool. He had his story mixed up, he told Bishop that I tried to sell him the 48 Packard Woody for $265. Instead I loaned him the car so he and his Girlfriend could take Peaches to the Jemez for the day. Oh well people need their history.

    We’re going to the Outer Banks for the rest of the week come morning. Taking Mia with us, she turned 8 last week and is such an incredible child. I can not express how much fun we have with her. Oh, and the book She and Bishop wrote and published is doing well also. See it at

    Hugs to you two, come see us your room is ready.


  9. Rossi
    You just get better, fantastic presentation, I have been with you for years and this is your best presentation ever. Right on
    Your friend.

  10. Dean, thanks for your comment. Since you like that go see the two new ones I’ve posted they are continuations of this one. WHY & WHY II, please pass it on.
    Keep Smiling

  11. Excellent delivery and sooooo relevant with social media where you can only be effective as a resource providing conversation, not sales lingo. Thanks Rossi…I guess you’ve still got it.

  12. I guess you’re right. I’m very excited about this manner of teaching. I’ve not experienced results like this from anything I’ve done in the past. Please share it with your connections on social media. It’s good for my business. Keep Smiling Rossi

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