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Life Is A Collaborative Effort

By Rossi

Unless we’ve made a decision to live alone and totally off the grid, we will encounter others. Most, unknown to us, are simply ignored. Those we know, well we have a decision to make, engage or evade. And so goes the circle of life.

Listening, speaking, watching, processing, retaining, reacting, teaching, learning, laughing, playing, nurturing, and loving the world around us. Point is, we are not alone. Life is collaborative and it is an effort.

We all know those who effort to extreme. One hundred percent of the time they are ‘on’, engaging anyone who will make eye contact.

Well, who didn’t know that? In this presentation, we’ll look at the choices we make in the collaborative effort, how deep to dive, and how to improve the experience. Explore time through Omni Tasking and have a few laughs.

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