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Things Just Don’t Gotta Get Better – You Do!

A-Z Things Just Don’t Gotta Get Better - You Do! In a negatively-induced market, we hear the mantra of the Rah Rah Coaches, “It’s going to get better!” Therefore, we wait and wait and wait, and guess what - it doesn’t! In the interim, we have wasted away our time waiting. STOP IT! It’s time to sharpen the saw. Four major teeth will be highlighted and sharpened: Attitude (a

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EDUTAINER, Trend Communicator, Intuitionist, Augmenter, Thought Artist, Humorist, Motivator, Bon Vivant, Lifestyle Mentor, & Author WHY? HE’S FRESH, DIFFERENT, and ALWAYS ON THE LEADING EDGE! Sure, every speaker says that. WELL THINK…

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