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Every Testimonial is a Marketing Masterpiece

Every Testimonial is a Marketing Masterpiece

We spend tens of thousands of dollars
on marketing our businesses,

yet when patrons are asked, “Why did you do business with ______?” The answer is often, “Because my (family, friend, neighbor, etc.) did or referred me to them.”

Many of us strive to achieve that pinnacle of success, “All my business is referral.” So, do you ask for testimonials? I’ve worked with dozens of highly productive companies and sales professionals worldwide and still hear the same answer. “No. I don’t.”

If you’ll allow me to hammer the point, ASK FOR TESTIMONIALS! It can even be by email or text but VIDEO IS BEST!

Question – Which do you believe?

Advertisement or a Testimonial?

TESTIMONIAL of course. WHY? Because Advertisements are written about You! And Testimonials are written to you!



AD – “We think Bobbi is the best real estate agent ever. She is positive, on time, and very knowledgeable.  She helped us buy our fist home and achieve our real estate dream. If you’re buying or selling, you should call Bobbi.”

Pretty good, don’t you think? Actually, that’s an ad or commercial for Bobbi because it’s written about her. And if someone sent me one like it, I would use it. But look how it changes when it’s written to Bobbi.

TESTIMONIAL- “Bobbi, thank you for walking us through the purchase of our first home. Your kind, patient, and caring attitude gave Jane and me great comfort. We Love our new home. It’s perfect and we know we would not have found it without you.

Being so far from family and having no one else to lean on, I hope we weren’t too much trouble. We now consider you part of our Raleigh family.

“I have your cards on my desk and when anyone utters the word “Real Estate,” they get one along with my highest praise.

Hugs Daniel & Jane

See how when it was written to Bobbi, it became deep and meaningful.

How do you get your clients to write a testimonial like this?

Explain how a testimonial needs to be personal. Otherwise, it’s an advertisement. Then when you receive it, use it regardless of how they wrote it.

Often, you’ll find clients are reluctant because of time or know how. Simply ask if you can write it based on the compliments they’ve given you. Then do so and send it to them for their approval. Often they add additional positive comments.

How do you use testimonials?Rossi Stop It.RossiSpeaks

Publish them – On your website, in blogs, on all Social Media sites. Use them in direct mail campaigns, email campaigns. Hell, put them on a Billboard!

Here are my Testimonials 

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  1. I’ve known Rossi for about 40 years believe it or not.. Rossi has always been fun to know, funny to listen to, quite an edutainer, and now many years later he remains as relevant as ever. I enjoy his knowledge and insight and of course the way he delivers his messages. If you get a chance, see Rossi!!
    All the best! Mike Mumford

  2. Thanks Mike – will all the free speakers out there, ya gotta be a billboard to compete! Keep Smiling Rossi See you in Dec at your local convention.

  3. My husband and I first heard Rossi speak back in early 2005. While Bill no longer works as a real estate broker (he moved on to property management) I am still implementing many of the ideas that Rossi taught us about what it takes to be a great Realtor. I just listed a house and sold it in only 2 days, so thank you Rossi! It seems that many of the systems we learned from you have turned out to be timeless. There are not many in this industry that know as much about buying and selling real estate as Rossi.

  4. Debbie, How lovely your comments. It’s always so goo to hear that what I do and what I say make a difference. I still do speaking gigs, however I’ve become highly selective. I love the events but staying away from family and home is tougher than it once was. My wife Bobbi and I will have been married 38 years this September, and that’s after a 4 years of living together. We like being together. Also we both still sell and list real estate, it’s too fun a job to ever quit. Also our Daughter, Granddaughters, and Great Granddaughter are a stones throw away. We’ve traveled the world and love sitting on our back porch laughing, talking, and staring at the beautiful woods here in our adopted home North Carolina. Think referrals if you’ve got someone coming this way, we’ll do the same. Love and Hugs and Thank You for you ego boosting words. Keep Smiling Rossi

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