Confessions of an Adrenaline Junkie

The quest for happiness, wellness, and quality of life is about choices, the right choices to keep life moving forward in a healthy and fulfilling manner. When one is committed to, and sticks with, positive choices, stress can be diminished. One can be secure in the knowledge that the very nature of our existence improves proportionally to the number of good choices we make. Be confidant that, like a savings account, the small efforts made to treat the body and soul with respect accumulate -- and result in improved quality of life.

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Harnessing the Expired Listing Market

Harnessing the Expired Listing Market Assisting EXPIRED Listings Contact Expireds are used to talking with agents, so it’s OK to call them on the phone and make an appointment to preview. The Words and Philosophy of Contact (use your own): Hello, Mr. Seller? Have and use their name frequently. Are you aware that your home [...]

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IT’S JUST 2 THINGS ™ Am I on Purpose?  YOU are or YOU are not –  This is a question I ask myself many times daily, as my goal was to “Make A Difference”. This worked but was not specific. I teach, in order for one to achieve a goal, it must be specific. My [...]

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I Love For Sale By Owners

Working With Wonderful For Sale by Owners  Rossi Speaks, inc. Why people choose to sell by owner and why that’s OK They want to save money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The fact is, we are a society that admires those who best manage their money. So let’s start this exercise with the pledge [...]

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AdWerx an Efficacious Way To Spend Marketing Dollar$

ROSSI Speaks his mind...AdWerx an Efficacious Way To Spend Marketing Dollar$ With over 46 year real estate experience - I believe AdWerx is a superior place to spend your marketing dollars. Keeping YOU TOP OF CONSUMERS' MINDS in  your specifically targeted market. AdWerx is NOT a lead generation company - it's an Agent Marketing Company Why [...]

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Self Talk – Is Yours Positive or Negative?

Self Talk - Is Yours Positive or Negative? Self Talk is constantly feeding your subconscious with voices both external (past and present voices of parents, teachers, clergy, and friends both experiential and experimental) and internal (that which you say to yourself) at 8,100 bits per nano second with the 9oo Billion Neurons in your body. [...]

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