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You Cannot Manage Time – You Cannot Multitask – You CAN ‘OMNITASK’


When You Think Out Of The Box

You Are Just In Another Box


You Cannot Multitask

OmniTasking is a Fit for our
Non-Linear Shape Shifting World

Discover ‘Omnitasking’

Why is it impossible to Multitask?

Multitasking is linear! Flat line, one foot in front of the other, to and fro, right or left. An attempt to do multiple things simultaneously has long been called multitasking and it’s something we all believe we do.

              If not multitasking, then what?

Learn that you OmniTask; a term I was given by Dr. Alan Celeste 16 years ago.

Stop It        Slide4.RossiSpeaks

Dr. Celeste, said, “It’s obvious, you constantly attempt to
multitask.” “Guilty,” I responded. “Stop it!” he said. “No
one is capable of multitasking because it’s linear. Instead, be aware that we all OmniTask.” He defined OmniTasking as the ability for our brain to be constantly involved, not linear, but multi-dimensionally, 360 degrees around us.


It’s Epistemological

OmniTasking fit within my knowledge and hurled me to another level. We are the center of our universe.

Don’t think egotistically or esoterically. Think multi-
dimensionally. We all live in an envelope; that is, personally known, unknown, aware, or unaware in our past, present, and perceived future combined with our sensory perceptions, both experiential and experimental.

Even though we are its center, the edges are an unequal
distance in amoebic proportions based on our beliefs,
attention, knowledge, perception, awareness, and intelligence.



You Cannot

Not ‘OmniTask’

In a conscious state, the mind is always active with synapses firing at 8,100 bits per nanosecond, consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously with all five senses implanted in the 90 billion neurons in our body. This is why meditation is important and valuable. The goal of meditation is to bring all of your senses,
attention, and thoughts back to center and Stop Tasking.


The Personal Influence of OmniTasking

Stressed, worried, anxious and guilty was my way of life. Constantly rolling over items on the to-do-list pushed my blood pressure high leading to an overhanging fear of failure. I developed acid reflux, low self-esteem, headaches, low confidence, backaches, and lack of sleep. From all the ads on TV for pills to cure my  ailments and friends complaining of the same afflictions, I realized I was not alone.

Healing Power

Working on, and living the concept, I added the hypothesis that even though OmniTasking happens 360 degrees around you, it’s not spherical – it’s amoebic in proportion. This discovery had a great calming effect. Adding to the knowledge ‘perfection is nonexistent’, OmniTasking gave me peace, enriched my life, and
added quality and abundance. Not to mention with meditation, deep breathing, and simple prioritization, I’m doing more in less time.





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  1. Ah Mr. Rossi,
    Perfectly said. As you rightly said, multitasking is the bane of current productivity. Pick one thing and get it done. At a much higher consciousness level, omnitasking allows for being fully in the present if I understand your thought.

  2. I knew you would understand it – thanks for taking time to comment.

  3. Please send me info you mentioned at Triple Play presentation. Thank you!

  4. Good Morning Julie,
    I trust your Holiday was warm and wonderful. You Can go to for my morning session. Enjoy
    Keep Smiling

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