“NEVER RETIRE” says ROSSI Speaks The older I get the more often I’m asked, “When you gonna retire Rossi?” I always answer with a question. “How do you define retirement?” Whatever their answer, I say, “Using your definition I’ve been retired all my life.” Work Has Never Been A Chore. Most people retire to get [...]

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To Judge or Not To Judge – I Say Judge!

To Judge or Not To Judge I Say Judge! Judgment is the evaluation of evidence in the making of a decision. We use our ability to judge hundreds of times daily in our personal and business decision making processes. However, ‘to judge’ or ‘be judged’ is, as they said on MAD TV, an “HNP, hole nuther [...]

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Real Estate’s NEXT Step – Think Retail

"Real estate is an impulse buy," as it relates to the plethora of real estate information now available to the consumer via the Internet. In my 2003 presentation for the annual sales rally of Centex Homes to their new homes sales consultants in Las Vegas, I repeated his quote to wild acclaim. Now Think Retail

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You Can’t Manage Time – You Can’t Multitask – But You CAN & DO ‘OMNITASK’

You Cannot Multitask - Discover ‘Omnitasking’ OmniTasking is a Fit for our Non-Linear Shape Shifting World This, based on the fact that Multitasking is linear! Flat line, one foot in front of the other, to and fro, right or left. An attempt to do multiple things simultaneously has long been called multitasking and it’s something we all think [...]

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IT’S JUST 2 THINGS ™ Am I on Purpose?  YOU are or YOU are not –  This is a question I ask myself many times daily, as my goal was to “Make A Difference”. This worked but was not specific. I teach, in order for one to achieve a goal, it must be specific. My [...]

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