ABSORPTION RATE ANALYSIS Recently in a class, I asked how many of my real estate students were using Absorption Rate Analysis? When less than 30% of the class answered yes, I was amazed. Giving this analysis to potential sellers is one of the finest tools for listing at a salable price that I've ever experienced. [...]

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Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Crystal Gazing, & Sales

Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Crystal Gazing, & Sales Curious? Everyone would like to believe the mystical could be true. Just thinking about having someone predict your future and tell you all about your tomorrows... well, Vegas here I come. For centuries the hopes of being or finding the person who possesses psychic abilities have captured [...]

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EVOLUTION OF – The Process – The RE Business – The Consumer

EVOLUTION OF - The Process - The Real Estate Business - The Consumer EVERYTHING EVOLVES - Using this pattern one can predict the future The Evolutionary Process (pattern) The Real Estate Business The Real Estate Consumer Rossi, Edutainer and REALTOR with Northside Realty in Raleigh, NC               [...]

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Things Just Don’t Gotta Get Better – You Do!

A-Z Things Just Don’t Gotta Get Better - You Do! In a negatively-induced market, we hear the mantra of the Rah Rah Coaches, “It’s going to get better!” Therefore, we wait and wait and wait, and guess what - it doesn’t! In the interim, we have wasted away our time waiting. STOP IT! It’s time to sharpen the saw. Four major teeth will be highlighted and sharpened: Attitude (a

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Michigan REALTORS’ Convention 2016

Michigan REALTORS' Convention 2016 ROSSI Speaks Stars Collaborative Consumer Thursday October 6th 8:00 a.m. to 9:40 a.m. BIG DATA is Real Estate Thursday October 6th 9:55 a.m. to 11:35 a.m. Don't miss ROSSI's business altering events! Everyone talks about change but only ROSSI changes the talk – ROSSI, Globally Recognized ‘Edutainer’, does with his Future [...]

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Why Not Me – Why Not Now

Click Above for the Video Promo By ROSSI Speaks - Edutainer Successfully immersed in every facet of real estate for over 40 years, including the instruction of CRS, GRI, ePRO, and speaking 26 consecutive years at the NAR Convention, I’ve discovered that there really is only one question that everyone wants the quick answer to, [...]

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Are YOU the Real Estate Point of Contact in Your Locally Defined Areas Are YOU the Real Estate Point of Contact in Your Locally Defined Areas Bishop and I had the pleasure to spend some time with Jed Carlson, co-owner and creator of ReverbNation. For those of you who don’t know it, it’s the fastest growing Internet company in the Research Triangle currently home to over 3.29 [...]

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EDUTAINER, Trend Communicator, Intuitionist, Augmenter, Thought Artist, Humorist, Motivator, Bon Vivant, Lifestyle Mentor, & Author WHY? HE’S FRESH, DIFFERENT, and ALWAYS ON THE LEADING EDGE! Sure, every speaker says that. WELL THINK ABOUT IT. Every Speaker in the world talks about CHANGE. They speak to the demand of change, the necessity for change, and change being the only [...]

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