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Write a 5 Sense Goal Statement based on your personal FINANCIAL INCOME GOAL.

The five sense statement is a future statement in present tense as though it has been accomplished. Describe where you are, the time, temp, your feelings internal and external.

Here’s an example:

GOAL – Earn $125,000 in closed real estate commission paid by Jan. 30. 2015.

 It’s December 18th, 2019, 11:21 a.m. I pull up to the bank’s drive-in teller, roll down the window as a cold blast of air rushes in, I grab the tube then quickly close the window wrapping my hands around the hot Starbucks cup for warmth. It’s rich aroma fills my senses. “Here goes final commission deposit for 2015” I say to myself. A rush overcomes me as I look at my earnings statement – $127,234! Now, putting the window down to send the tube is a good thing to cool my flushness. I sip the hot coffee and hear the teller, “Good to see you again.” I wave, pick up my receipt, and drive away excited about tomorrow and next year’s earnings.

 See how this is written about one thing, earning a 125,000?

 Now write 5 sense goal statements for every single specific goal you have in each of all five areas we spoke about in class (Spiritual, Physical, Philosophical, Psychological, and Financial Goals) both tangible and intangible.

Tangible – 36 listings sold

Intangible – Strong communication with my teenage daughter



Life Planning       Your life is your life. It cannot be divided into pieces, as when you do, you create a ‘separate you’ that must work 24/7 to keep balance. This ‘separate you’ is named STRESS. The World does not create stress. It’s this third person that believes you are in charge of anything other than Self.

Mike Vance

This definition will be used as our basis for measuring success within the structure of this class.

Success is a 5 legged chair. You may remove 2 and it will stand. With 5, it will grow as one.


It’s easier to ACT your way into a new way of Thinking than to Think your way into a new way of Acting.


Choice Gold    We experience life from two points

Experiential – Based on Experience – That you’ve actually done.

Experimental – Using something you’ve seen, heard, or felt, but have not actually Experienced.

This is the Foundation of this class – ‘the Basics’ if you may.

My Goal for Today: 60% of you reach or exceed your goals by January 20th, 2016 at 12:00 noon.

It’s  Friday, January 29, 2020 10:30 a.m. My phone rings. The always cheerful voice of Stefanie Sersland comes on in full note and tone. “Hello Jerry, this is Stefanie.” Hi Stefanie, what’s up? “Just wanted to let you know that 63.7% of those who attended your class are on target or have exceeded their financial goals!” My ears ring, a chill covers my skin, and a warm smile fills my face like the taste of a fine red Zin. I close my eyes and picture each of you in your most congruent stance. As Stefanie’s voice fades, I am pleased to have achieved my goal, “To make a difference.”

1 Work Smart

            Three Question of A Life Plan

Where Are You Now?

Where Do You Want To Be?

How Are You Going To Get There?

What is the difference between a “Wish’ and a ‘Goal’?

A Wish is a dream or desire that one can’t, or won’t, commit time, effort, and energy to its achievement or has limited possibility of realization. Example: “I wish I would win the lottery.” Can’t or won’t if you don’t buy a ticket, and limited possibilities of winning because of the odds. Or possibility of performance such as: “I will sell a hundred billion dollars of real estate my first month in the business.”

Steven Covey says, “Begin with an end in mind.”

A Goal is as Defined:  A personal want, need, desire, or dream with a defined possibility of achievement in which one will plan and commit time, effort, and energy to realize its outcome.

ROSSI Speaks – Trademarked SECRET TO GOAL ACHIEVEMENT:  A positive written statement of a specific, dated, tangible or intangible achievement, accomplishment, desired end, congruent with one’s values.

Rules for the Formation of Achievable Goals:

1. Must be in writing

When writing and constructing future statements, a synapse happens between Right (creative) and Left (analytical) halves of the brain thus locking the statement into your Subconscious.


2. Written For a Future Date in a Present Tense

Present tense states the Goal as it has happened. Remember, the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. When the subconscious mind reads the Goal Statement as having been achieved, it then sorts all incoming and outgoing information as though you’re already successful, thus putting aside unconscious negative comments, habits, and actions. MAGIC.

3. Must be Positive

Negative statements cause the conscious brain to focus on the negative object. This is the reason given for a Motorist crashing into an Officer’s vehicle while tending to an accident on the side of the road.

We learn early in our lives that the word DON’T is a negative attraction. Tell a room full of 5 year olds, “Don’t take the cookies,” then leave the room. All they do is focus on the cookies. Sooner or later, one, if not all, will go for a cookie.

TEST – Let’s all blank our minds for a second. Now, DON’T think of the Statue of Liberty. What are you doing?

4. Must Include Short and Long Term Goals

  1. Short Term Goals – Tell you how to work.
  2. Long Term Goals – Tell you why to work.

5. Must Be Prioritized

6. Must be Specific and Time Dated (remember future date)

7. Must be Realistic & Belivable  To you, not to anyone else.

8. Must Be Selfish   This is an act of personal responsibility.

Example: If I don’t set goals to take care of my personal health, then I may have to rely on someone else to take care of me when I’m sick. Or, if I don’t set personal financial goals for retirement and I reach a point where I can no longer support myself, I’m moving in with my kids.

VALUES9. Must be Congruent with Personal Values – Values drive behaviors to achieve personal goals.

Click on example and you will be taken to a new page. Copy and print as many as you wish with my full compliments.

If you have a tie or ties, ask yourself the question, which one first. Then number them.

* It’s important to know that if a certain value, like love of family for instance, does not come to the top of your list, it only means you are happy with what you have currently or you cannot do anything in your power to change it.

10. Must be Shared

  • Share Goals slowly with those you’re closest too. Don’t overwhelm them with your excitement. Gently demonstrate the effectiveness of the plan and solicit their involvement.
  • Caution – Be careful when sharing your goals as there are others whose behavior depends on you staying exactly as you are. They may even sabotage your Goal results. Understand that they do this not because they don’t love you. It’s because when you change, they must. The brain is made not to change. It’s far better to show them your growth and change than to tell them.

11. Must answer the question “Is the reward worth with the price?

If the answer is, “No,” rework the Goal until the answer is yes. This may entail deleting this goal in favor of others.

12. Use all 5 Senses to activate subconscious programming.








How much do you need now? Personal Nut

How much do you need later?

If you set an income goal and do not have a plan of how you will spend it, use it, or save it, you will not achieve it.


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