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Secret to Happiness

75 year old study from Harvard University tells us that caring relationships are key to our happiness and success. Being 74 years old at this writing I can not only agree I can concur based on living a life enjoying, honoring, and caring deeply for my relationships. Especially my wife and children.  Bishop, Bobbi Bishop [...]

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Compelling Consumer Experience – UX – user experience – Everyone’s a User

Original Harvard Business Review Blog Post Compelling Consumer Experience - UX - user experience - Everyone's a User This article from the Harvard Biz Review by Robert Fabricant is eyeopening and a must read for today's leaders - Thank you Robert Fabricant for your insight! I've been studying the consumer since the day I became a salesman. [...]

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Don’t Be the Target of a Closing Fraud Scheme!

Don't Be the Target of a Closing Fraud Scheme! NC Real Estate Commission published the following: In April of 2017, a real estate sales transaction was about to close. The buyers’ agent received an email from someone she believed to be a member of the closing attorney’s staff. The email asked for the buyers’ email [...]

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#RealEstate is #BigData

#RealEstate is #BigData  "By 2020, we'll look back and wonder how we made so many decisions with such little information." Rossi This is what's happening with Big Data Every Minute of Every Day. In the next two years, we'll create more data than we have generated since the beginning of time. Charlie Rose interviewed Ginni Rommety, [...]

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To Judge or Not To Judge – I Say Judge!

To Judge or Not To Judge I Say Judge! Judgment is the evaluation of evidence in the making of a decision. We use our ability to judge hundreds of times daily in our personal and business decision making processes. However, ‘to judge’ or ‘be judged’ is, as they said on MAD TV, an “HNP, hole nuther [...]

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Real Estate’s NEXT Step – Think Retail

"Real estate is an impulse buy," as it relates to the plethora of real estate information now available to the consumer via the Internet. In my 2003 presentation for the annual sales rally of Centex Homes to their new homes sales consultants in Las Vegas, I repeated his quote to wild acclaim. Now Think Retail

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