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Rom turns 47

Our Dearest Rom,

The past clouded with fear, betrayal, substance abuse, withdrawlal, a positive/negative environment uniquely designed by the past of those around you. A childhood existence not in your control.

YOU SURVIVED, thrived, excelled, because of who you are. You somehow knew how to avoid blaming others modeling this behavior for us all! You stood tall demonstrating how life is not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.



                      Daughter           A+    

                      Sister                 A+     

                      MOTHER            A+

                      WOMAN             A+

                      Friend               A+

                      Citizen              A+

                      Actor                A+

                      Creative           A+

                      Voice                A+

                      Talent               A+

                      Comedian         A+

                      Teacher            A+

                      Gamer              A+

                      Director            A+

                      GIVER               A+

                      EXAMPLE          A+

                      Compassionate A+

                      Worker              A+

                      Boss                 A+

                      Doer                A+

                      Lover of Life     A+

                      Joyful Being     A+

                      Hugger            A+

You, our dearest Romni, are a Beautiful Gift from God put on this world as an example for all to learn from! For us all to look at as an example of kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, and LOVE.

You never hold back. You are always the first to step up, to give hugs, to share your smiles, and to make others feel important always considering the feeling and needs of others to make each stranger a friend to all. 

Rom, you are a Treasured Beauty! A sunset, a sunrise, a bright spot in a dark sky. A voice that commands attention, but not to self, to the total of your environment for the joy and delight of all.

Our Beautiful Daughter ROMNI – August 23, 1974 is a day the world smiled! It became brighter, more consciously aware that out of the dark comes the brightest, most important, big hearted individual known by the world. 

You have touched us all with you loving charm, caring attention, and always with the most positive intention.

May year 47 shower you with Love, Happiness, Warm Smiles, and Adventure.

Thank You For All You Have Given Us

Love Dad and Bobbi.

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