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11 Obvious Rules of Raising Adults to Help Insure Their Success

We are blessed with two responsible adult children. Often when complimented on how well they turned out, we are asked what we did to help create that. Our story is long and involved, like any family today. However I believe I can boil it down to the following bullet points.

Model Self Love

Model Everything You Ask Your Children To Do

You Cannot Teach Responsibility – Must Give It

Remove “Try” from Our Language

Excuses Are Tools of the Helpless – Refuse to Use Them

Pickup After Yourself

          because it will turn to dust before we will

If You Can Reach – You Can Do It

          washer/dryer etc

Make Your Bed When You Get Up

The Sink is Not a Dish Holder

          It Will Not Empty Itself

Everyone Cooks to Eat

The Nest is Only Good for 19 Years




           (Romni’s Daughter)


We could not be more Proud!


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