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Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Crystal Gazing, & Sales

Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Crystal Gazing, & Sales

Curious? Everyone would like to believe the mystical could be true. Just thinking about having someone predict your future and tell you all about your tomorrows… well, Vegas here I come. For centuries the hopes of being or finding the person who possesses psychic abilities have captured the minds of many.


My mother introduced me to many different forms of mystical predictions at an early age. She experimented in Ojai, Taro Cards, reading tealeaves, dream interpretation, and palm reading. Oh, it was all for fun, and she and her girlfriends would gather and giggle at the outcome. But there was something to it. She would ‘read’ a stranger to their amazement and I would think internally, “I knew that.”

Do You Read Others?

Maybe because of this or other experiences, I always felt that I knew more about people than they were saying. Once in college while being chastised by my professor for a poorly written paper, I got the feeling that more than my paper was bothering her. Actually, I felt she had experienced a recent death. Interrupting I said, “I’m sorry for your loss, what can I do to help?”

She immediately sat back with a surprised look on her face and said, “How did you know?” It seems that she had just received news that her best friend from school had died. I told her it was a feeling and I was sorry if I spoke out of turn. “Forgive me and I’m truly sorry for your loss,” I said. She forgave me, and no, I didn’t get a better grade.

Is it a Precognitive Experience?

We all have these experiences, feelings, and, dare I say, premonitions that many of us have from time to time. You know, you reach for your phone to call your sister and it rings and it’s her. Or you’re with a client or customer and you know what they’re going to say before they say it. We brush it off believing it to be accidental or coincidental. I, on the other hand, began to trust these thoughts and feelings as something more. The more I did, the more often and stronger they were.

Choosing not to believe that these ‘feelings’ only resided in me, I sought knowledge. For over 40 years now, I have studied what I choose to refer to as a “communication on a higher logical level” resulting in the realization that everyone processes this ability. One that is duplicable and teachable.

It’s Physiological

Slide14.RossiSpeaksIt starts physiologically in our brain. Our brains are a water analog, center sequential, neurochemical computer operating at 8,100 bits of information per nanosecond with the 90 billion neurons within our bodies. Each neuron is a synaptic transmitter having the ability to change size, shape and color, transmit positive/negative electrical energy visually (see), auditorily (say), kinesthetically (feel), gustatorially (taste), and olfactory (smell), integrated simultaneously on a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level.

Wow, how’s that for a mouthful? I stated this because brain scientists are just beginning to uncover the power of the human mind. The Institutes for the Advancement of Human Potential ( claims that Einstein is the norm of human intelligence, uncovering that our brains are far more powerful than we previously believed.

What Does This Have To Do With Sales and Marketing?

All Sales and Marketing is the business of People! At one time, when ‘the people’ depended sales men and women for information. Information was sold to people. Today, everyone has the information and the emphasis is back on the individual consumer.

With everyone listening to the same radio station, WIFM (What’s in It For Me), the broker/agent who can build rapport fastest, understand others quickly, and is the best listener will do a majority of the business. It’s not about marketing, dialog, scripts, and prospecting, it’s about a Higher Level of Communication. A higher level of communication is a necessity in building a Compelling Consumer Experience.

Ask you Company, Association, or Group to contact my office for available dates and book it now; Mastering the Unspoken Word – 30 to 90 minutes that may change your life.

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