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Call Rossi Today if you’re interested in hiring him for a Keynote or Presentation for your Company, Association, or Board, and he is also available for one-on-one mentoring. Or perhaps you would just like him to do a marketing piece for you.

919-931-2222 or ALL THE BELOW ARE VIDEOS

Flagler County Association of REALTORS Convention & Expo

Nampa Association of REALTORS

Montgomery County Association of REALTORS

NOCBOR Thanks 1:55 

Thanks Travis 0:53 a Testimonial Vlog

So Much Available at ROSSI Speaks 2:29

NOCBOR Power of Non-Selling Invite 3:24

Dutch SMA Follow Up 3:02

Dutch Sales Management Association Promo 1:56 most unusual

ERA Convention 2014 Power of Non-Selling 2:59

KEYNOTE Evolution of the RE Business 4:26

KEYNOTE Evolutionary Process 1 4:33

KEYNOTE The Pitch 2:16

WMLAR Invite 1:43

Power of Non-Selling Triple Play promo 3:33

KEYNOTE Preamble to REALTOR Code of Ethics 1:04 combo

Rossi’s IOWA Convention Intro RACE FOR SUCCESS 1:53

12 Questions to Ask an Agent Before You List 3:53

WHY II How to be a Great Listener 3:15

The First Power of Non-Selling 6:30

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