Real Estate as a Career is Dead

Wow, every day we hear about new ways to buy or sell real estate. When Zillow and (not owned by the National Association of REALTORS) hit the scene in the early 2000’s the general public has been a buzz about the changing real estate business. Bobbi and I believe that there is always room [...]

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I’ve Gotta Guy

Why is knowing ‘A Guy’ so important. I believe it’s because we’ve become numb to ‘marketing hype’. You know, that made up information extoling the virtues of a product, person, or service that we are bombarded with 24/7!

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4 Habits That Keep Your Marriage Loving, Fresh, & Alive!

I, am a self proclaimed Marital expert. Why? Because I've been married twice before and once happily forever after. Caveat, we, don't believe perfection exists. Seek excellence not perfection. The Bishop and I have been blissfully married for over 36 years, first living together for 4 years. That's a TOTAL of 40 Years! Do I think everyone needs to live together before marriage? No, that too is a choice, but it worked for us.

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“NEVER RETIRE” says ROSSI Speaks The older I get the more often I’m asked, “When you gonna retire Rossi?” I always answer with a question. “How do you define retirement?” Whatever their answer, I say, “Using your definition I’ve been retired all my life.” Work Has Never Been A Chore. Most people retire to get [...]

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       WELCOME TO NoWakeZone Your Comfort is Our Goal Today's Real Estate Transactions have never been more complex - with over 45 years of experience Bishop & Rossi don't sell real estate. Instead, they create a compelling consumer experience for both Buyers and Sellers. Take Me Directly To The Free App      Show [...]

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Secret to Happiness

75 year old study from Harvard University tells us that caring relationships are key to our happiness and success. Being 74 years old at this writing I can not only agree I can concur based on living a life enjoying, honoring, and caring deeply for my relationships. Especially my wife and children.  Bishop, Bobbi Bishop [...]

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Compelling Consumer Experience – UX – user experience – Everyone’s a User

Original Harvard Business Review Blog Post Compelling Consumer Experience - UX - user experience - Everyone's a User This article from the Harvard Biz Review by Robert Fabricant is eyeopening and a must read for today's leaders - Thank you Robert Fabricant for your insight! I've been studying the consumer since the day I became a salesman. [...]

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