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Three Questions

A quarter of a century ago, I received a request from an owner of a multi-office company. He asked if I had a 2.5 hour class for his management. I said yes and would be excited to do it. I asked him what area he saw as a need for improvement? He outlined a multitude of problems all resulting in low goal production. After a lengthy discussion, I told him, “I had developed such a class for a smaller company with great results. I have my calendar, let’s plan a date.” We did, contingent upon his review of my class material.

The whole outline is three questions based on my years of experience. Especially directed on how solid producers are often total office disrupters with negative attitudes and edgy deals. 

Ask yourself these three questions daily of everyone who works for you:

1. Do they have high values?

2. Are they self propelled?

3. Knowing what you know about them today, would

you hire them again tomorrow?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then do yourself and your company a favor and ask them to leave.

I sent him the outline and after a week I called to ask if he had questions? It took him several days to answer and sign and return my contract with no changes or comments.

I arrived in his city late, weather delays, and therefore missed a planned dinner the night before. When I got to the venue, he was not there, but did arrive minutes before the opening. He told me that he had a short announcement and introduction and materials would be passed out after the intro.

His intro was something like this. 

“Rossi sent me the outline for today’s class and I almost didn’t sign his contract, you’ll know why shortly. If you look around this morning, there are some familiar faces missing. It’s because I would never ask management of our great company to do something that I wouldn’t.

Staff will now pass out laminated cards to keep on your desk like I have on mine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for a excellent morning of learning. From Raleigh, North Carolina here’s Rossi!”

Now there’s a lesson in adaptability. Needless to say, it was either the best or worst intro I’ve ever had. I struggled for a bit, as I had planned something else. Then I said, “What a Great Morning this is for me, as I’m now speaking with only the LEADERS of the Real Estate Industry! Slowly the applause built and it was a GREAT Morning!

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