EVOLUTION OF – The Process – The RE Business – The Consumer

EVERYTHING EVOLVES – Using this pattern one can predict the future

The Evolutionary Process (pattern)

The Real Estate Business

The Consumer
























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Gaining YES – the Science of Persuasion

A great RSA video on the Science of Persuasion Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

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Everyday Psychology You Should Know

from http://www.health-science-degree.com/everyday-psychology/ Thanks

1. Sex, danger, and food are meant to draw your attention

Your brain is hardwired to stay safe, reproduce, and eat as a means of survival. Everything else is secondary.

2. Just because you haven’t doesn’t mean you can’t
You have a mental model for just about everything. This allows you to use past experience and […]

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#2 Klinker Brick – Lodi, Old Vine Zin – Love it!

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Some like it HOT! I love hot food…

I love hot food, maybe it's being raised in New Mexico that gave me the need for heat in my food.
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Do Not Tell Me You’re Not Smart

Ninety billion neurons firing independently, triggered by five senses on a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level acting and reacting on the input they have received since birth. One can only imagine the infinite possibilities of combinations that are created. Thus proving: not one of us is like the other.
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The Trend of Remote Working

72% of workers are not engaged at work.
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Don’t OWN It!

Never own an illness. Every time you say "MY" headache the subconscious mind lays claim to it and that malady becomes real. The Subconscious does not know the difference between Reality and Imagination.
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2011 – Time to get out the Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, and Ouija Board for the forecast of the New Year. And since I know next to nothing about politics, weather, financial and stock markets, I’ll speak to real estate.

What’s old is old again –

Agent success can be compartmentalized. Before […]

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Mortgage Modification – Is It Real?

Several weeks ago, a highly respected friend brought information to me regarding a new industry - Mortgage Modification. He asked my opinion and assistance in building a company based in this industry. At first glance, it seemed too good to be true. After about an hour of drilling him on the truth, legality, and history of Mortgage Modification, I could not believe that I was not previously aware of the value, scope, and resolve of this program.
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