Still Working Like It’s 1999

Still Working Like It's 1999? “When you think out of the box, you’re just in another box.”  ROSSI Speaks Technology is just another box. for an exciting video on how Social Media has changed the world. Think Egypt, Libya, next Cuba, and Venezuela. WHAT ARE? WINNERS      WEINERS      WHINERS Read the [...]

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Power of Non-Selling

  POWER of NON-SELLING Many Classes in ONE – Social Media It’s done this way Taught this way Stayed this way for over 100 years He had it all and Failed – His competition? Oliver & Wilbur Wright No money – No paid employees No Education or Contacts Yet THEY succeeded in FLIGHT! TIVo [...]

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ROSSI Speaks at NAR 11.05.2010

I then directed them, as well as you, to text ‘Rossi’ to 82257 for the auto responder with the link to the complete outline! Intro the ‘Gaming Layer’ to business. There are more gamers than social connecters. So gaming is only natural as the next layer. It’s an age-old adage, if we can’t have fun doing what we’re doing, we’ll have fun doing something else. People want to have fun. As I see it, the ‘game layer’ is the third part of the evolutionary process and it is predictable

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Use the ‘www’ FREE Space to Make a 3rd Level Domain

Use the 'www' FREE Space to Make a 3rd Level Domain Creation of a 3rd Level Domain 1st or Primary Domain is: .com - .org - .edu - .net 2nd Level Domain is the RossiSpeaks before the .com: 3rd Level Domain is the www: Only if you own your own domain - [...]

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The HOOK of Emotion

Our brain is made to work on habit. Once we repeat the simplest act a number of times, it automatically becomes habit. It does this so we don’t have to think about it. Walking, breathing, driving to or from the office is all locked into the visceral part of our brain where all habits reside. The visceral is the only part of our brain that grows as we age. The older we are, the more things we do habitually.

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