Halibut & Artichoke Cheese Bake (appetizer)

Halibut & Artichoke Cheese Bake (appetizer) Fresh Halibut, about 2 lbs, cut into 2 inch cubes 1 large jar of Artichoke Hearts 8 oz. cream cheese 8 oz. sour cream 4 oz. grated Romano Cheese 8 oz. grated Swiss cheese 8 oz. grated Cheddar Cheese Combine all ingredients in baking dish and bake for 45 [...]

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Black Bean Garlic Salmon Fillo Flags (appetizer)

Black Bean Garlic Salmon Fillo Flags Appetizer Black Bean Garlic Salmon Fillo Flags Pacific Salmon Filets approx 2 lbs cut into pieces, ½" x ½" x 1" Asian Black Bean Garlic Paste 1 Package Fillo Pastry, thawed 1 stick, melted, unsalted butter 12 oz. of plain yogurt 1 lime or lemon Thaw Fillo as directed [...]

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