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You Can’t Manage Time – You Can’t Multitask – But You CAN & DO ‘OMNITASK’

You Cannot Multitask - Discover ‘Omnitasking’ OmniTasking is a Fit for our Non-Linear Shape Shifting World This, based on the fact that Multitasking is linear! Flat line, one foot in front of the other, to and fro, right or left. An attempt to do multiple things simultaneously has long been called multitasking and it’s something we all think [...]

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Collaborative Consumer

Collaboration is the key to success with all clients and customers Life Is A Collaborative Effort By Rossi Unless we’ve made a decision to live alone and totally off the grid, we will encounter others. Most, unknown to us, are simply ignored. Those we know, well we have a decision to make, engage or [...]

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American Trifle

The American Trifle by Rossi Ingredients 1 qt              Whipping Cream               white To taste       Vanilla To taste       Sugar 2 pts            Blueberries                        blue 2 pts            Strawberries                      red 4                 Bananas               [...]

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Every Testimonial is a Marketing Masterpiece

Every Testimonial is a Marketing Masterpiece We spend tens of thousands of dollars on marketing our businesses, yet when patrons are asked, “Why did you do business with ______?” The answer is often, “Because my (family, friend, neighbor, etc.) did or referred me to them.” Many of us strive to achieve that pinnacle of success, [...]

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It’s About EVOLUTION – Everything evolves or dies

It's About EVOLUTION - Everything evolves or dies Evolutionary Process as it applies to the Consumer by starting with your Family Evolution of the Real Estate Consumer Evolutionary Process as it applies to the Real Estate Business You can predict the future by watching the evolutionary process of Dependence/Independence/Interdependency. Rossi Tells Real [...]

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The Art of #StorySelling

History is simply the recall and telling of the past, is always more interesting and exciting when conveyed in story format. For years we’ve gathered around the home fires and campfires to listen to the storytellers spin tales of experiences and voyages to places of intrigue, mystery, and wonder. Now discover #StorySelling, the innovative manner of putting sound to the painted truth of the decision making process as practiced by skilled orators in religion, politics, law, and medicine. Learn the Art of #StorySelling based in truth and high ethical standards it more than communicates it fascinates.

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Confessions of an Adrenaline Junkie

The quest for happiness, wellness, and quality of life is about choices, the right choices to keep life moving forward in a healthy and fulfilling manner. When one is committed to, and sticks with, positive choices, stress can be diminished. One can be secure in the knowledge that the very nature of our existence improves proportionally to the number of good choices we make. Be confidant that, like a savings account, the small efforts made to treat the body and soul with respect accumulate -- and result in improved quality of life.

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