Rossi Rocked the House

Rossi rocked the house at the ICAAR (Iowa City Area Association of REALTORS) leadership retreat. I’ve been a real estate broker for 35 years and have seen many speakers, but Rossi gave us something to “take to the bank” and was humble, generous and entertaining while he did it. This presentation was not about him, it was by him. It was about us and our needs and how best to reach our goals with honor and dignity. He’s a great guy and a super speaker / facilitator. Thank you for the added value for us and for sharing yourself. Continue reading


Improved Outlook for New Home Builders

Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) — Rick Sharga, executive vice president at Carrington Mortgage Holdings, talks about the outlook for the homebuilding industry and the limited impact of Federal Reserve quantitative easing on the housing market. Sharga speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg) Continue reading