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Do you Zendio?

Do you Zendio?

I love this service. No more waiting, wondering and following up on emails you’ve sent. It’s automatic. No additional steps for you or your recipient. You send an e-mail. They read it. You get notified. With no annoying “Do you want to send a receipt” pop-ups for the reader.

Click on the header and and view the video.

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  1. Hello! Please, I need help. Is there any way to find out trough the Recipient’s Header that the send have used the Zendio? Because until I know a normal outlook for example sends to the header the message “Return Receipt to” when the sender asks the receipt. Zendio promises that the receipt can not discover the small image they add to the email but is there something in the Header the recipient can dicover?? Thank you very much

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