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Things Just Don’t Gotta Get Better

You Do!

by Rossi

I.    Attitude

A.     Attitude – not just positive and negative, it is all points between

1.     Are you A) motivating or B) de-motivating?

There is no C – And why we ask this question.

2.     What is the value of Attitude?

“Regret is a darkroom where we develop our Negatives.”

B.     Optimism – Pessimism

1.     Nature / Nurture

2.     Take the Learned Optimism test by Dr. Martin Seligman

Clients/Customers are in strong need of Optimism

II.   NAR Consumer Survey Results

Here’s Where YOU Get Better

120,000 Consumers who purchased or sold between June ‘08 – June ‘09

  1. 77% of the time they used an agent

Resale property – 81%

New Home – 57%

FSBO – 5% (down 1% from previous year)

Foreclosure Trustee – 10% largest percentage ever

  1. Why did they use an agent?
    1. Finding the right home
    2. This is a combination of skill and patience – Skill in knowing how to ask questions to assist purchasers in uncovering exactly what they:

a.       Want

b.       Need

c.       Desire

d.       and can Financially Afford

3.      Negotiating Price and Terms

As determined by Financial Qualification

4.      Completing the Paperwork and managing the sale to closing.

  1. How Buyers Found Their Agent

All Buyers 44% referred by Friend, Relative, or Neighbor

First Time Buyers 50% referred by Friend, Relative, or Neighbor

Repeat Buyers – Only 17% used same agent they previously      used

  1. Break down of how others found their agent

Only 10% of buyers found their agent using the Internet

6% found agent at open house

4% employer or relocation company

4% company/walk-ins

3% by phone or e-mail

1% by Newspapers, Yellow Pages, or Homes Magazines

0% from Direct Mail, Newsletters, Postcards, or Specialty Items; like calendars or magnets!

Most interviewed one agent before they made a choice

  1. Factors for Agent selection in order of importance:
    1. Friend or Family member
    2. Honesty
    3. Reputation
    4. Knowledge of the Neighborhood
    5. Listening Skills
    6. Firm Association
  2. When asked if they would recommend the agent they used:

66% Definitely

22% Probably

That’s a score of 88% – Never in the history of NAR has this figure exceeded 43%!

III.  Marketing

A.Understanding the Evolution of the Real Estate Consumer

3 Stages of Evolution that will allow us to project a TREND the complete story

B.     Today’s 95% Rule

1.     LOOK

a.     From 1 to 2 years before they ever think to buy or sell a home.

b.     Once ready, they look for 1 to 2 weeks before they select an Agent.

c.      That’s correct – Houses first – Agents 2nd

2.     HOOK

a.     How do they select YOU?

Photo                        NO

Age                           NO

Designations               NO

Years in Real Estate     NO

Pretty Web Site           NO

Track Record              NO

Informative Site          YES

Your Company            YES

EMOTION                   YES

b.     100% of ALL Purchasing is EMOTIONAL!

3.     COOK

This is where they (buyers and sellers) are stimulated to contact you and give you their loyalty.

C.     Marketing is Everything

Your Website is a BILLBOARD in the middle of NOWHERE to which you drive traffic.         HOW?



Practice Lead Generation Activities

The Thrill of a 1099 Income

Me Too

IV.  Technology

A.      Smart Phone – Dumb User

Not a request – it’s a necessity

B.     Contact Management System

1.     Which is the best one?

The one you use…

2.     What goes in it?





C.     Social Media is a Place – not a Destination

Strict Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Don’t Sell
  2. Don’t Market
  3. Don’t Brag or EGO Push
  4. Remember, anything you put on the Internet can, and will, be used against you.
  5. Never Flame!
  6. If you are saying something for someone’s own good, it’s probably better left unsaid.

D.     3rd Level Domains

How to use the FREE space WWW

Complete how to at

E.     Places you MUST BE

E.     VIDEO

All of your listing MUST be on YouTube and demonstrate EMOTION

F.      Marketing is a Generational Thing

____Every____ Generation that is

G.     What’s Hot vs. What’s Working

1.            Business 2 Business (REALTOR/REALTOR Email)

2.             Short Codes (text Rossi to 82257)

3.             Postcard campaigns

4.             Listing Syndication

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No reproduction of this material is authorized without the expressed, written consent of ROSSI Speaks, inc

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