EVOLUTION OF – The Process – The RE Business – The Consumer

EVOLUTION OF - The Process - The Real Estate Business - The Consumer EVERYTHING EVOLVES - Using this pattern one can predict the future The Evolutionary Process (pattern) The Real Estate Business The Real Estate Consumer Rossi, Edutainer and REALTOR with Northside Realty in Raleigh, NC               [...]

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We Are All Genius Unrecognized By Self

We Are All Genius Unrecognized By Self by ROSSI Speaks  Often I hear, "I'm not as smart as…" "Bunk!" It’s the comparison word 'as' that makes this incorrect! One could say I'm not smart 'like'… that would be correct, as none of us are 'alike'. Each of us has ninety billion neurons in our body, only [...]

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The Collection of Julian Nall

The Collection of Julian Nall  Sadly Julian Nall passed away September 7, 2017 - He was a remarkable man and will be missed. I met Mr. Julian Nall in Winchester, TN in June of 2015 while visiting the Nuckolls' family on beautiful Tims Ford Lake. Mr. Nall and his daughter stopped by for a visit. [...]

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