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Topics for Real Estate Presentation by Rossi

ROSSI’S Real Estate Topics *Programs are custom designed to fit your specific needs.

Things Just Don’t Gotta Get Better – You Do! – In a negatively-induced market, we hear the mantra of the Rah Rah Coaches, “It’s going to get better!” Therefore, we wait and wait and wait, and guess what – it doesn’t! In the interim, we have wasted away our time waiting. STOP IT! It’s time to sharpen the saw. Four major teeth will be highlighted and sharpened: Attitude (a learned behavior) – Personal / Business Planning (short cuts) – Technology (new stuff) – Marketing (not the same old stuff). Rossi’s goal for this class is for you to walk out ENERGIZED, REFRESHED, and EDUTAINED. So come early and stay late to get all the extras.

Audiences are RAVING about ROSSI’S STOP IT! Series.

STOP IT! It’s NOT ABOUT YOU – It’s all about the Evolution of the Consumer.

Rossi DrawingSTOP IT! Buyers Aren’t Liars! – Discover the NEW buying habits of consumers!

STOP IT! Sellers Are Smarter Than Dialog & Technique!

STOP IT! Prospecting No Longer Works! – Knock Knock. Who’s There? No One. No One Who? No really, NO ONE WANTS YOU AT THEIR DOOR, no one wants you to call, and they hate your mailings.

STOP IT! The Technology Overload! – Technology is not about what technology you own and what you use.

STOP IT! The Advertising And Marketing Nightmare – You advertise and market in the wrong places for the wrong reasons!

STOP IT! The Quest For Perfection And Balance – Get a grip – balance is an illusion – perfection is nonexistent.

But Wait…

Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa; 9 Secrets To Put The Bite Into Your Marketing – Based on Rossi’s best selling book of the same name.

Rich Agent/Poor Agent – “SUCCESS is the building and maintaining of Spiritual, Physical, Philosophical, Psychological, and Financial Goals.” Rich Agents do not succeed because they are better, they succeed because of the little things they do every day to be the best.

Ethics, Energy and Efficacious Behavior – Stepping Firmly into Today’s Market Without Stepping on Toes. Buyers and Sellers need strong agents, trained in the trenches, honed in the classroom, and high valued to the core.

Secret Powers of Top Negotiators – Neuro Linguistics Communication – How to be the Best Teacher, Listener, Agent by Understanding how Others Process Information. Steps in Achieving Sellers’ and Buyers’ Success.

Listing with Integrity – Up-to-the-Minute Listing Techniques Used By Stand-Out Real Estate Performers accross the country.

Balancing Act – How to List and Sell Real Estate and Have a Life.

Shift Happens – Adapting, Surviving, and Excelling in Today’s Ever Changing Real Estate Market.

The Greatest Success Series Ever:

  • ASPIREActivate Success Patterns Inside Resolute Effort – creation, activation, and implementation of personal strategic plans. Call for individual ASPIRE Program fee quotes.
  • ASPIRE results 30% (do nothing with the material) 30% (do a little a excel) and


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