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I’ve Gotta Guy

Why is knowing ‘A Guy’ so important. I believe it’s because we’ve become numb to ‘marketing hype’. You know, that made up information extoling the virtues of a product, person, or service that we are bombarded with 24/7!

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4 Habits That Keep Your Marriage Loving, Fresh, & Alive!

I, am a self proclaimed Marital expert. Why? Because I've been married twice before and once happily forever after. Caveat, we, don't believe perfection exists. Seek excellence not perfection. The Bishop and I have been blissfully married for over 36 years, first living together for 4 years. That's a TOTAL of 40 Years! Do I think everyone needs to live together before marriage? No, that too is a choice, but it worked for us.

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Real Estate LEAD GENERATION – Agent or Duck?

I recently read a blog that compared ducks begging for food at a waterside restaurant to real estate agents prospecting for business. I thought it a good analogy, as we often see agents waiting around the office (pond) for a suspect buyer or seller to drop in, just like the ducks on the pond, not [...]

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“NEVER RETIRE” says ROSSI Speaks The older I get the more often I’m asked, “When you gonna retire Rossi?” I always answer with a question. “How do you define retirement?” Whatever their answer, I say, “Using your definition I’ve been retired all my life.” Work Has Never Been A Chore. Most people retire to get [...]

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       WELCOME TO NoWakeZone Your Comfort is Our Goal Today's Real Estate Transactions have never been more complex - with over 45 years of experience Bishop & Rossi don't sell real estate. Instead, they create a compelling consumer experience for both Buyers and Sellers. Take Me Directly To The Free App      Show [...]

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Not the Same Ol’C.R.A.P. Continue Reacting According to the Past

Not the Same Ole    Continue Reacting According to the Past CRAP You cannot change a habit - You can only replace it with something else. EVERYTHING WE DO IS HABITUAL Our habit is to judge, tell, project, and sell – because that’s what we’ve been told, taught, shown, modeled, manipulated, and sold! Review the Power of Non-Selling [...]

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At the beginning of the New Year, it's always time to get out the Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, and Ouija Board for the forecast. And since I know next to nothing about politics, weather, financial and stock markets, I’ll speak to real estate. What’s old is old again – Agent success can be compartmentalized. Before I [...]

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