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4 Habits That Keep Your Marriage Loving, Fresh, & Alive!

I, am a self proclaimed Marital expert. Why? Because I've been married twice before and once happily forever after. Caveat, we, don't believe perfection exists. Seek excellence not perfection. The Bishop and I have been blissfully married for over 36 years, first living together for 4 years. That's a TOTAL of 40 Years! Do I think everyone needs to live together before marriage? No, that too is a choice, but it worked for us.

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Real Estate LEAD GENERATION – Agent or Duck?

LEAD GENERATION - Agent or Duck? I recently read a blog that compared ducks begging for food at a waterside restaurant to real estate agents prospecting for business. I thought it was a pretty good analogy, as we often see agents waiting around the office (pond) for a suspect buyer or seller to drop in, [...]

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“NEVER RETIRE” says ROSSI Speaks The older I get the more often I’m asked, “When you gonna retire Rossi?” I always answer with a question. “How do you define retirement?” Whatever their answer, I say, “Using your definition I’ve been retired all my life.” Work Has Never Been A Chore. Most people retire to get [...]

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       WELCOME TO NoWakeZone Your Comfort is Our Goal Today's Real Estate Transactions have never been more complex - with over 45 years of experience Bishop & Rossi know don't sell real estate. Instead, they create a compelling consumer experience for both Buyers and Sellers. Take Me Directly To The Free App     [...]

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I’ve Gotta Guy

I've Gotta Guy Parties - work parties, neighborhood parties, family parties, all full of varied and open conversations. But conversations that begin with “I Gotta Guy” capture the attention of the room. What kind of guy? It doesn’t matter; yard guy, plumbing guy, jewelry guy, mortgage guy, investment guy, and, don’t forget, fitness guy, carpet [...]

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Not the Same Ol’CRAP Continue Reacting According to the Past

Not the Same Ole    Continue Reacting According to the Past CRAP You cannot change a habit - You can only replace it with something else. EVERYTHING WE DO IS HABITUAL Our habit is to judge, tell, project, and sell – because that’s what we’ve been told, taught, shown, modeled, manipulated, and sold! Review the Power of Non-Selling [...]

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This is for those of us who do not have access to fresh roasted Hatch NM Green Chiles I buy them from Walmart by the case *free shipping 1                Large Can Hatch Roasted Green Chiles – dice into ½ inch large pieces 1                Whole Chicken – Boiled and picked with bones & skin returned to [...]

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At the beginning of the New Year, it's always time to get out the Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, and Ouija Board for the forecast. And since I know next to nothing about politics, weather, financial and stock markets, I’ll speak to real estate. What’s old is old again – Agent success can be compartmentalized. Before I [...]

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