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4 Habits That Keep Your Marriage Loving, Fresh, & Alive!

4 Habits That Keep Your Marriage Loving, Fresh, & Alive!

I am a self proclaimed Marital expert.

Why? Because I’ve been married twice
before and once happily forever after.

Caveat, perfection is non-existent. Seek excellence not perfection.

The Bishop and I have been blissfully married for over 39 years, first living together for 4 years. That’s a TOTAL of 43 Years!  Do I think everyone needs to live together before marriage? No, that too is a choice.

Number 1 Love Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, you will not allow others to love you.
If you don’t love yourself and others say they love you, you’ll say, “Sure, if you really knew me, you wouldn’t.”
If you don’t love yourself, you’re asking others to do something that you won’t do.
Who are you to ask others to do something that you won’t?” Loving yourself is a CHOICE.

It’s Easier to Act Your Way Into a New Way of Thinking Than to Think Your Way Into a New Way of Acting.

Number 2 LISTEN


When you listen to others, you are giving the highest compliment. (Many consider listening to be a light flirt)
Watch the video on how to be the best listener.


Flirting is an act of loving or falling in love. When you stop flirting, you have essentially stopped loving.

Number 4 The Honeymoon is NEVER over.

It’s amazing that the norm of human beliefs is the honeymoon will not last. BULL! It’s a CHOICE!

After being happily together for 3 years, my wife was at lunch with her mother and sister. When she returned home she was near tears. Not her go to mode. I asked what was wrong? She answered, “I was telling them how happy and in love we are, they both said simultaneously, ‘The Honeymoon will be over soon.” You could see she was crushed.

I immediately went to the computer – made, framed, and hung this sign.

It’s been in our home 43 years.
I Love You Bish! 

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