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Compelling Consumer Experience – UX – user experience – Everyone’s a User

Original Harvard Business Review Blog Post

Compelling Consumer Experience – UX – user experience – Everyone’s a User


This article from the Harvard Biz Review by Robert Fabricant is eyeopening and a must read for today’s leaders – Thank you Robert Fabricant for your insight!

I’ve been studying the consumer since the day I became a salesman. For the first quarter century, it was how to manipulate them, close them, and sell them. YES! That’s what selling was. Learn and memorize the dialog or script, then the minute the customer says their lines, you pop in your canned (pardon me ‘planned’) reply!

Learned Pitch

As a salesman, then trainer/instructor, this was our mainstay. I even sold a box of 3×5 cards titled, “Scripts for all Sales Occasions” YUCK! Can you imagine, you’re with a client and they say, “I’m not sure. What if the market changes?” You stop, get out your box o’cards, flip through them, pull one out and read – “We understand how you feel. Other people felt that way in the past, however we have found that the market is always changing…”, an over dramatization on my part.

Wake Up

You see, in the past the consumer was held hostage by the salesman. We, the salesmen, had all the information about our product or service and used that to manipulate them into buying from us. Today, the consumer has all the information and we (salespeople) have to wake up!

Customer Loyalty

‘Customer loyalty’ has always been important but today it’s PARAMOUNT! Major companies are keenly aware of this and spend billions of dollars to build customer loyalty. Rossi believes firmly in honoring friends and relatives with his business. 

New Awakening

Who is the CUSTOMER? The answer – EVERYONE! Every stockholder, every employee, every vendor, EVERYONE! The complete reframe is to consider everyone as USERS. And make the PRIORITY building the user experience. UX – just like the article in Harvard Business Review.

The Compelling Consumer Experience is now the Compelling USER Experience.


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Rossi is a Real Estate Broker in Raleigh, NC working with his Wife and partner of 42 years at Northside Realty


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