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#BigData Shows FIVE Motivations to Buy #RealEstate Now

#BigData Shows FIVE Motivations to Buy #RealEstate Now
For Anyone who’s thinking of Buying a Home, read the following:

#1  –  If I’da! 

You don’t want to be the one at the Craft Beer Bar two years from now saying, “If only I’da bought back then”. Act Now!

#2  –  Rents @ All Time High

In the last 10 years, the popular “I don’t want to own, I’ll just rent” attitude has turned into, “OMG they’re raising my rent again!” #BigData shows they are right. For your Amusement take the Interest Rate Roller Coaster

#3  –  Shrinking Supply

Once the real estate market looked like a big box store with overstocked shelves. Now, there are barely a few great houses, with a line of #REALTORS ready to show, and a slew of picked over, poor condition, over priced remnants. For this reason alone, you need to work with a seasoned real estate professional.

#4  –  Interest Rates Have Nowhere To Go But Up

I sold houses when rates were 19%. And yes, people bought. Just ask your parents, back to #1. Current rates make it a Buyers’ Market for renters and first time homebuyers if it were not for #3.

#5  –  Tax Break (even with new limits) & Build Wealth

YES, you can save money by buying and building wealth in equity. Don’t believe me? Read #FORBES

In my 47 year real estate career, I’ve NEVER seen a better time to buy!


Rossi is a Real Estate Broker (since 1971) in Raleigh, NC working with his wife Bishop, listing and selling as well as Speaking Internationally

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