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AUGMENTOR – What in hell is an Augmentor

AUGMENTOR – What in hell is an Augmentor


TM What in HELL is that?

I was asked again today, “What is it you do Rossi?”, besides list and sell real estate (in Raleigh, NC), publice speaking (selectively, all over the globe), writing prose, poetry, articles, & blogs.”

Yes I’ve authored an Amazon best selling marketing book Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa, written and delivered courses, curated content, as well as created and produced videos, worked with and served on advisory boards; Virtual Incubator, NuckTV, MonkeyBoyAir, and Venture Equities. And NOW Augmentor!  

But ‘Augmentor’… Why not just be a coach or consultant?

I read in Leaders Tool Kit and interesting statement: “A consultant is a person who uses your watch to tell you what time it is. A coach is a person who asks you what time you want it to be. And a mentor is timeless.”

Hearing this, I became a Mentor. I then found that ‘timeless’ meant all of my time! Most of which was repeating myself. This was because people don’t listen the first time.

I already have earned the title Edutainer. That is a combination of Educator and Entertainer.  Change Agent, was a lie. Because I don’t change people I give them insight to change. How do I give them insight? I drill deep into what they want, hammer the truth, break up their preconceived negative thoughts so they may see the real self. I augment their reality with self identification of personally unidentified distructive patterns and perception.

Thus AUGMENTOR was born. It means: To give honest verbal observation, corrected visual perceptions, gut wrenching emotional experiences, all based on the time given me and awareness they turn into actions. AKA no BS!

The first meeting, ‘Discovery Call’, I share my expectations regarding listening, direct them to my 3.5-minute video on Listening Skills, and we make a decision to proceed. Thankfully I’m busy.

The original ‘Discovery Call’ is FREE.

Then we set a date to get down to work. The next scheduled call covers a lot of ground around a specific result. It’s not a lecture, it’s a communication. I give my ‘observations’, digest the conversation, recap all in writing, send to the client, and clear with a follow-up call.

For this I charge per hour of ‘phone time’ only and guarantee results. (fee varies based on the awareness of the client) If the client is unhappy with the value, I gladly provide a refund.

This is a rewrite of my first post to LinkedIn based on a call from a client saying, “Rossi, you sound flippant in your LinkedIn post and you didn’t give enough information regarding all you do.

ROSSI, he said, “You’re not just an Augmentor, you change bloody lives!” Thanks Dave.


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