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Kudos to the WPAR

Kudos to the WPAR

for an outstanding Members’ Appreciation Day – not only did they fill the room with 450 people – they filled it with interested and interesting people. My topic was How To Get Up In a Down Market! I had no idea the title would create such controversy. Before the event, I received numerous emails and Facebook comments saying, and I paraphrase, “It’s not a down market from my perspective!” Well that’s exactly the point.

The market is the market is the market! 10% of the licensees do 85% of the transactions and will regardless of the market. It’s all a matter of perception. I have reframed an old saying ‘PERCEPTION IS REALITY’ to read ‘REALITY is PERCEPTION’. That is, your reality is what you perceive to be true to you. As Michael Talbot states in his book, Holographic Universe, “Your world is a holographic projection of your beliefs.”

Henry Ford simply said, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right either way.” What you believe to be true is true to you. If you think it’s a down market, it is! And therein lies the basis of my two and a half hour presentation.

I enjoyed the many comments I received after the presentation:

“Thank you for not telling us YOU have the ‘secrets to success.’ Every speaker we’ve heard this year has said, ‘If you will do as I teach, you will be successful.’ You said we are all unique and success is dependent on our individual goals.”

“People tend to want to blame something or someone for their failure. When the truth is, they are listening to the media and others instead of doing the work.”

“I’m happy you didn’t tell us that we had to learn more dialog.”

“Thanks Rossi for being different – I’ve already heard all the other bunk.”

“What you told me was that it’s important to be myself in social media and NOT sell! Thanks!”

“How can you have been around so long and still be refreshingly different?”

It was a great day and I truly thank all who were there. And the support from the many exhibitors and sponsors, the Expo Floor was swarmed with agents/brokers. Many said it was the best Expo they’ve ever had.

In case you missed it, the links to the visuals I created for the classes given are hyperlinked below. Feel free to share them – please understand that they are the property of ROSSI Speaks. Let’s do it again next year.

How To Get Up In A Down Market

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