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Tree Cutter vs. Certified Arborist

Tree Cutter vs. Certified Arborist

We were worried about two huge oaks in our front yard for a couple of years. They were too close to the house and the limbs were now touching the roof thus creating a super highway for bugs, plus, possible wind and root damage. Sadly, the only solution seemed to cut them down.

We contacted a ‘Tree Cutter’ and he agreed they needed to be removed and bid $4,700, which seemed reasonable for two massive oaks, 1 maple, 2 Bartlet Pears, plus knock off a couple dead limbs and haul all wood to the rear of the house and shred the scrap.

I was telling my friend, Dave, what I was doing and he said, “You know a lot about trees?” “Heck no” I said, “I don’t know anything about trees.” “Then you ought to talk with a Certified Arborist before you remove healthy trees. Call ARBORMAX, they are not just tree cutters.”

I called, made an appointment, their rep, Joseph High, showed up on time and he was a Certified Arborist, what a difference. He immediately told us the Oaks in front were very healthy and that they just needed trimming. There was no threat of the roots going under the house because there is nothing under there they want. He also told us that if it were up to him, they wouldn’t take them down. However, if we wanted them removed, they would do it.

My wife and I cheered, as we didn’t want them removed in the first place.

He walked the yard looking at all of our trees, even finding one Maple that was dead that we hadn’t noticed. He agreed that the two Bradford Pears needed to go and that the stumps must be ground up so they won’t reappear. The ARBORMAX Arborist was a proverbial wealth of knowledge and saved us $2,700, as well as our two beautiful Oaks.

The ARBORMAX crew arrived at 9:00 a.m. sharp and did an excellent job as well as cleaned up.

I highly recommend ARBORMAX, better than expected, saved me money and trees, all in a timely fashion, and thanks for having great people like Joseph High.

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