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Still Working Like It’s 1999

Still Working Like It’s 1999?

“When you think out of the box, you’re just in another box.”  ROSSI Speaks

Technology is just another box. for an exciting video on how Social Media has changed the world. Think Egypt, Libya, next Cuba, and Venezuela.



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1999 _       _ |          Re-Frame 

Floor Duty                 Calls Go Directly to
Agent’s Smartphone

Flyers to Offices        Peer-to-Peer Email Campaign 

Information Boxes     Short Codes

Sign Riders               Short Codes (above)

Office Meetings       Marketing Sessions

Open Houses           Events

Farming                    Social Media – LinkedIn,
Facebook,  Twitter, at minimum

Prospecting              Lead Generation Activities

Business Card          QR Code

There are many people touting the values of QR Codes – I believe their highest and best use is simply on a business card (which someone can easily scan into their Smartphone’s directory of people) or in paper ads and marketing pieces. To think that someone will exit their car to scan in a QR Code on a sign on a property defeats the purpose of ease and speed. For a free QR Code Maker

                                       Rossi’s Business Card

Photo Business Card   Video Biography
                                         Not like this –                        

Recommendations      Video Testimonials
Difference between an Ad/Recommendation and a Testimonial is; An Ad/Recommendation is written about you. A Testimonial is written to you. “People no longer believe in ads.” Stephen Brooks, Advertising Correspondent for MediaGuardian –  April 2004
Listing Domains Video Testimonial from ERA 2009 IBC

Newspaper Ads            Blogs & Video Blogs

RE Magazines              Virtual Tours – Video

Real Estate Channel   YouTube Channel – Video
                                      Hook of Emotion

Flash Pages                  Web Page as a Blog

Beautiful Website       BLOG WEBSITE

My thanks to Lynn Harley – A truly GREAT Broker and Friend.

Website                       Consumer Centric Site

Business Goals          LIFE GOALS
Personal Goals

BASICS                      BACK TO THE BASICS – Basics have
not changed, they have only been
expedited by technology.

Work Smart             Defining WORK SMART“Doing the
                                   BASICS Better and More Often than
                                   Anyone Else.” Rossi

Presenting                Listening

Taking                       Giving

Building Your          BUILDING THEIR DREAM

Leading Edge             THE CENTER IS THE NEW EDGE

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