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Ridiculous Question About Real Estate Professionals

In response to an article What Do Real Estate Agents  Really Do Anymore?

(see link to article following my reply)

I’ve been proud to be a REALTOR since 1971 and actively list and sell in Raleigh, NC. Add to this, I have taught real estate sales, marketing, and ethics in all 50 states.

For you and your readers’ consideration, 70% of all licensed real estate salespeople earn little or no money. Sadly 70% of my profession are failures. This means if you are going to find a person to handle your real estate needs, there is a 70% chance that you will find one of not great value. I believe this is why so many complain (just read your comments) about real estate agents.

NAR, knowing this, said, “Educate, educate, educate! With 70% failure, education must be the answer.” Sounds logical. However, the States’ Real Estate Licensing Commissions are given the power to outline, control, and dictate the mandatory educational parameters. They, rightly so, zero in on all things necessary, fair housing, non-discrimination, contracts, lead paint, finance, ethics, law, agency, and more.

However, they will not authorize, give credit to, or make mandatory, communication. That is, outside of communicating what we must, by law, regarding the above topics. I’m talking one-on-one communication, the one necessary ingredient in dealing positively with the buying and selling public! The wait staff in many restaurants often have better communication skills than 70% of real estate licensees.

We, as agents/brokers, are not just communicating with buyers and sellers, we are communicating daily with many people, hundreds of times, regarding one real estate transaction.

It’s great communication that sets one teacher apart from another. It’s great communication that sets one Lawyer, Engineer, Doctor, Administrator, Parent, Preacher, and REALTOR from another.

Simple communication nuances like: How to disagree without being disagreeable. Calming others in a stressful situation. In that real estate is often a person’s biggest financial decision, why would it not be stressful! How to communicate complicated offers, timelines, appraisals, financing, and transactions to people who are not daily involved.

We know that 80% plus of all relationship problems are caused by Mis Q’s, miss communications. Could this be because we don’t teach communication in our public schools, let alone our real estate schools?

Please find at the link below a graphic of the multiple communication loops involved in every real estate transaction to demonstrate its complexity. Also, videos on the Evolution of the Real Estate Profession & Consumers, which may be helpful.

As far as individuals selling their property by owner? Bravo! Do it! There is nothing wrong with that. It’s not brain surgery, I would never suggest operating on oneself, no more than I would suggest you become your own trial lawyer. But know this, it’s not just sticking your house on Zillow, which, by the way, is not governed by the same Ethical Standards that we REALTORS have pledged ourselves to. Yes, the REALTOR code of Ethics has been the basis of our integrity since 1913.

Rossi, CDEI, ePRO, GRI, REALTOR Emeritus

Broker Northside Realty Raleigh

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