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RECOMMEND – ProspectsPlus Market Dominator &. AdWerx

I don’t recommend products unless they are highly Efficacious and of great value. Here are two that I stand behind 100%. AdWerx and ProspectsPlus Market Dominator. The following is WHY!



First – Market Dominator
The owner of this company has been in real estate almost as long as I have. Jim Morton is a hard driven, very smart, marketing guy! His company has been around for years as a very successful print media marketing company. Jim surrounds himself with smart people who developed this new system in the last year.
Here is WHY.
You select a USPS Postal carrier route and ‘Dominate it’. As you may or may not know, if you mail to a postal carrier route, it’s very inexpensive. So they, ProspectsPLUS, take advantage of it by sending a laminated, color both sides, 12” x 15” marketing piece (pre-created so you don’t have to worry about it), branded to you, for the same price as a small postcard if you are one of the first 50 in your area to use it. This is because they have partnered with an ADT home security company that will pick up 1/3 of the mailing cost.
Statistics show that 97% of the people go to their mailbox every day making it a piece they cannot ignore, for one because of the size. Certainly more effective than email campaigns of which 92% go unopened, websites that collect dust, and yard signs that grow cobwebs.
They (ProspectsPLUS) promise almost a 20% market share in two years. Of course, no one can promise this but it’s like a billboard in their mailbox! And it works!
That’s what my clients and I like the most. ‘IT WORKS’. Just like AdWerx, they are ahead of the pack.
Here’s how you get it. You go to this HOT BUTTON and sign up. It’s a $500 up front cost but when you go through me, it’s discounted to $250 making it so cost effective that you could get two postal carrier routes. They did this just for my clients. There is also a video that explains it in more detail.
So now you know the two HOT – EFFICACIOUS – PRICE VALUED  marketing tools for today’s Successful Agents.

Watch the Video

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Second – AdWerx promo code Rossi Speaks for your discount.

It was created by young, high integrity, very smart tech guys in Durham, NC.
Here is WHY
you should have it. It’s today’s top of mind advertising. As you know, the Internet is a massive real estate mall with millions of offices, signs, websites, offerings, and agents walking around with sandwich boards saying “I’m #1”. Guess what? The real estate consumer doesn’t care.
Today’s real estate consumer
picks AREA first, then the house, then the agent. So the game is to get to the consumer FIRST, correct?
AdWerx is like Zappos.
I buy all my red shoes (my new moniker) from Zappos. For weeks after a purchase when I open my browser, you guessed it, on the right side of my screen is Zappos and red shoes! This is called remarketing.
AdWerx does this for their clients per the zip codes they buy. So now you have the same multi-million dollar advertising campaign they do.
Let’s say you buy one of 5 positions in your area code and I’m a homeowner in that area code. When I search anything about real estate, mortgages, moving, home repair, Zillow, Trulia, anything… Bam! your ad pops up on their search page on the right hand side and stays there each time they search for several days.

You now have a bus bench, a billboard, a grocery cart, a postcard in the comfort of their home on their screen.
Now you know WHY! It works!
How do you get it? You go to choose the zip codes you want and enter promo code Rossi for your discount. They will help you with the look of your ad. When someone clicks your link, it takes them to wherever you want, your website, etc., where they can access real estate information freely. Don’t set up a block by forcing them to fill out an info form first. AdWerx will help you with this.

They also have a great program for marketing the listings you currently have, paid for on a per listing basis. The Best Summary of their listing product is that ads for listings vary based on the length of campaign you select and start at $49 per week. Each campaign will get you and your listing at least 7,000 views per week. Your ad is shown specifically when the algorithm identifies a prospect who both lives in your local area and is “in the market” for a property. This could be anywhere they browse on the web, including but not limited to sites like these: In essence, they Target the ‘Person’ instead of the ‘place’.
Look at their videos or Rossi’s interview with Jed Carlson of AdWerx or email me if you have questions. 


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