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Confidence is the New Currency – Jed Carlson AdWerx

Confidence is the New Currency – Jed Carlson AdWerx

An interview of Rossi by Jed Carlson, CEO of AdWerx. If you follow me, you will know how supportive I am of AdWerx and Jed is only one of the reasons why. What he has to say in this video is something I believe every agent/broker needs to hear.

He speaks on how consumers identify their agent of choice, or as he says, “How often when I’m in a real estate moment are they (the agent/broker) in it with me.”

AdWerx is a top of mind marketing tool. Most real estate buyers and sellers start their search for areas then property online and end up in the GRAND REAL ESTATE MALL with, Zillow, Trulia, and a million others. AdWerx positions YOU and your company in front of the real estate consumer before they reach the mall targeted to the Zip Code of your choosing thus placing you ‘in the moment when they are in the moment’.

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Rossi has been a Real Estate Broker since 1971 currently working with his wife at Northside Realty in Raleigh, NC



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