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Mia’s Doritos Super Bowl Ad

Mia’s Doritos Super Bowl Ad

My Dad Ate My Homework was a possible SUPER BOWL AD with MIA ROSSI EKENBARGER!TV Mia Head

There were only 12 other submissions. And, this was one – with our granddaughter, Mia. We’re so proud. It was  narrowed down to 3 to air during THE SUPER BOWL! Our fingers were crossed.
Thanks for Your Vote & Keep Smiling
ROSSI aka Mia’s Papa (grandfather)
These are the shoot photos
On Commercial Set OnSet.02 On Monitor

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  1. I think this is the winner

  2. Great job Mia!!!!! You’re always a winner in our book! XOXO

  3. Let’s have a winner,”vote early, vote often”

  4. Looks great to me

  5. Cool, Happy Thanksgiving James

  6. Thanks. Happy thanksgiving Jesse


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