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Do Not Tell Me You’re Not Smart

Do Not Tell Me You’re Not Smart

Why do so many people believe they are not smart?

So many say, “I’m just not as smart as…” I say, “Bunk!” You see it’s the word ‘as’ that makes that statement incorrect! You could say I’m not smart ‘like’… that would be correct, as none of us are really ‘alike’.

We have ninety million neurons in our body, only ten million are in our brain. A neuron is a neurochemical computer. It has the ability to change size, shapes, and colors. A neuron can transmit electrical energy both positive and negative, and each has the ability to make logical decisions.

Ninety billion neurons firing independently, triggered by five senses on a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious level acting and reacting on the input they have received since birth. One can only imagine the infinite possibilities of combinations that are created. Thus proving: not one of us is like the other.

Who is to say that “their” combination is the standard of intelligence? “We are all genius unrecognized by self.”




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