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Black Bean Garlic Salmon Fillo Flags (appetizer)

Black Bean Garlic Salmon Fillo Flags Appetizer

Black Bean Garlic Salmon Fillo Flags

Pacific Salmon Filets approx 2 lbs cut into pieces, ½” x ½” x 1″

Asian Black Bean Garlic Paste

1 Package Fillo Pastry, thawed

1 stick, melted, unsalted butter

12 oz. of plain yogurt

1 lime or lemon

Thaw Fillo as directed and lay out flat. Cut whole package into thirds and keep covered with moist towel.

Take one sheet of the cut Fillo pastry at a time, lay out and brush with butter. Cover with a second layer.

Place salmon on bottom edge and put a dab of Black Bean Garlic Paste on it. Fold in half, lengthwise, to cover. Then fold diagonally, back and forth like folding a flag, brush lightly with melted butter as you fold. Makes about 20.

Place on cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve with fresh yogurt with a hint of lime or lemon as a dipping sauce.

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